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FAQ - Frequently Asked questions


I've placed my ad, but I don't see it anywhere.

In order to keep our site local and spam free, all ads must be approved before publication. We review ads several times a day so, provided your ad meets the criteria for placing an ad with Trade Local, it should appear within 24 hours. 


I changed my ad and now it's gone.

When you make any changes to your ad, it must be reviewed and approved again before it is published. If, with your changes, your ad still meets the criteria for advertising with Trade Local, your ad will be reviewed and published within 24 hours.


Do I have to register to place an ad?

You must be a registered user to place an ad online, however you can submit your ad by mail, fax or phone. Ads submitted by offline methods are limited to text only, and a maximum of 30 words. Please see our Rules for more details regarding offline submissions. You can also login to our website using your Facebook profile, Google ID or Open ID to place an ad.



Do businesses have to pay to place an ad?

There are several options for businesses to place ads for free. What kind of ad you place dictates whether or not your ad is free. See our Business Ad rules for more information


I've placed my ad, waited 24 hours and it is still not published

Check you email inbox. If, for some reason, there is a problem with your ad we will contact you by email. Be sure to check your spam folder too.

If your ad requires payment, it cannot be published until payment is received by us or other payment arrangements have been made.


How can I pay for my ad upgrades or banner ads?

At this time, you can pay by the following methods;

Mail - You can mail your payment to Trade Local, PO Box 268, White Fox, SK S0J 3B0

Interac Online - If you use online banking you can send you payment via Interac Online to 

If you are a frequent advertiser, you may wish to apply for a credit account or a pre-paid account please contact us.

At this time we do not accept Paypal payments nor credit cards.

Do I have to include my phone number?

No - If you register and post your own ad, you do not have to include your phone number.

Yes - if you submit your ad by email or mail, you must include your phone number in the ad, because ads submitted by those two options do not enable email contact forms. If you do not wish to include your phone number you have to place the ad online

Consumer confidence. Providing our phone number shows people who wish to inquire about your ad that you are not hiding behind an anonymous email. 

What is Trade Local?

Trade Local is a publication of Trade Local Publishing of White Fox, SK.  Trade Local is an online free classified ad website

The primary focus of  Trade Local is promoting local trade for the cities and towns it serves. We do that by offering a venue for local businesses to reach their customers and by providing free classified ads for consumers and businesses to use. 

I live outside Western Canada, can I advertise on Trade Local?

In most cases, no.

Trade Local is limited to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia only. The only exception that may be made is if you are selling something that is located within those provinces. 

For example, if you live in Toronto and are helping your parents, who live in Melfort, SK, sell a car, your ad may be accepted, provided the car is located in Melfort. 

My business is located outside Western Canada, but I serve towns within the region, can I place a free ad?

You can only place an ad if your business has a physical presence in the a region we serve, such as a local satellite office, a local depot or a sales or service rep. For your ad to qualify, the local contact information must be provided. 

If you do not have a physical local presence, you can, however, place an ad seeking a local rep, depot or distributor for within Western Canada.

I don't want to register, is there some other way I can submit a free classified ad?

You can submit your ad by using our contact form, however you will not be able to take advantage of all the features of an ad you place yourself as a registered user. 

Visitors to the site will not be able to contact you using our secure web form that protects your email address from being collected by software designed to crawl through websites looking for email addresses to use with scams and mass mailing lists. (We do not publish email addresses in ads)

Your ad description may be limited to 30 words

Photos cannot be placed in your ad for free. Once we have received your ad by the contact submission form, you will be provided with an email address to send any pictures to. A fee of $2 will be charged to receive and upload your pictures. This fee must be paid prior to publication of your ad.

While ads placed by registered users are usually published within 24 hours, ads placed by contact form may take 24 to 72 hours before they are published

You have no control over your ad. You cannot make any changes once it has been published. You can only request to have the ad deleted. 


Site visitors will not be able to contact you by email. You will have to provide a phone number for your ad. Email addresses placed in descriptions will be removed. 

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