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10 Reasons Why Trade Local is different

Trade Local is not just another Kijiji, Craigslist, Adpost or Used Everywhere.

We are here to provide a service to cities, towns and hamlets all across Western Canada.

The personal services we offer can not be met by a big impersonal corporation.

On Kijiji, you can only view ads by province or major cities.
On Trade Local you can view by:
- All four provinces
- One province
- A region within a province
- Your home town, no matter how small it is. If your town has it's own postal code, you have your own Trade Local!

On Kijiji you have to provide an email address and accept email inquiries about your ad.
On Trade Local, you can post your ad online and recieve email inquiries or you have the option to submit your ad "offline" and only your phone number is available for viewers to contact.

On Kijiji, you have to pay to include your website link.
On Trade Local, website links are free, and so are Youtube videos

On Kijiji, they delete your ads (all of them) if they think you are cross posting, even if you aren't, yet they never seem to do anything if you report others clearly breaking the rules.
On Trade Local, we respond to all ad reports personally. Our rules are simple. If you can show a physical connection to the area, you can place an ad in the regions you can show that connection in. Having said that, if you are a scammer, or trying to sell stolen property, we have a unique secret method of sceening for those misusing Trade Local. 

On Kijiji, they think if you have more than two cars for sale, that you are a dealer or if you have a Condo for rent that you are a "professional" with bottomless pockets
On Trade Local, we don't care because we don't see businesses as a cash cow. Our limitations for businesses are only there to keep a good balance of business and private ads. If you are curbing cars or selling stolen goods, understand that the authorities that govern licensing and law enforcement have full access to see what you are selling, simply by viewing the ads on our web site. And, since we actually look into reports about ads or advertisers, you must realize that Trade Local is about the consumer and we will co-operate in any legal manner to protect those consumers. 

On Kijiji they use Google Ads and national advertising banners.
On Trade Local our revenues come from your local businesses. Kelowna ads show in the Kelowna Region, Edmonton ads show in the Edmonton region.

On Kijiji the categories seem to be set in stone. Livestock is a catchall for anthing that isn't a house pet and all the supplies that apply to them. Hobby farms and small acreages must be lumped in with houses for sale in town.
On Trade Local, not only do we offer a wider choice of categories, but if we see the need for more, we will actually add them!

If you try to contact Kijiji, you will usually receive a canned response.
If you contact Trade Local, you get a personal email, actually trying to answer your question!

Kijiji has a deal with other web sites and uses automated feeds in some categories such as Real Estate and Cars for Sale. These feeds up date frequently, resulting in a massive spamming of the "all new ads" option.
Trade Local requires every single ad to be posted manually. You will not see automated feeds on Trade Local. We also require every ad be approved before we publish. If a business has multiple ads in various categories, we time their approval so the business does not unintentionally spam their local Trade Local site.

Kijiji is owned by Ebay, an American company. They are a huge company, only interested in their bottom line.
Trade Local is 100% Western Canada owned and operated. Our regional reps are people from your province, not someone in a cubicle in California.

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But most of all..... feel free to post your ads!

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