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Free Ad Rules



The Free Classified ads are available for personal and business users.

Some restrictions apply to businesses, so please check the Free Classified Business Ad rules for more details.


General Free Classified Ad Rules


Trade Local offers free ads only for residents and businesses in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta & BC

 All ads must be placed in the correct categories and appropriate locations. Duplicate ads will be removed.

 You must registered as a user to place a free ad online. If you do not register as a user, you can submit your ad by mail, or by email via our contact us form. Only text ads can be submitted for free by mail or email. Check our rates sheet for more information regarding fees for emailed images and scanning services.

All Free Ads must include a contact phone number which will be published in the ad.

Limit of one item per ad. Some exceptions if items for sale are usually purchased together.

Ambiguous ads will not be published. In the world of online scammers, ambiguous ads are often used to lure inquiries from classified ad readers. Once the scammer has your email address from your inquiry, you can't take it back. This measure is one of many we take to protect you from them.

EXAMPLE: "Movies for sale, message me to see if I have what you want" is considered an incomplete ad. "Movies for sale, (followed by a list of the titles)" is considered an acceptable ad.

EXAMPLE: "Various household stuff for sale" is not descriptive enough for an ad. It also breaks the rule of one item per ad. Your options would be to list each item in their appropriate ad categories or to place your ad under Garage Sales and indicate if your Garage sale is ongoing by appointment only.


We reserve the right to refuse any ads that we deem, at our own discretion, do not comply with any rules or terms of service of our web site, without explanation (though you will probably get one by email).

We reserve the right to refuse any ads we deem to be illegal, offensive, misleading or contain inappropriate content, without explanation (though you will probably get one by email).


Posting of Photos in ads

You may post up to 5 photos with each ad. Photos must be actual pictures of articles for sale or relevant to the ad posted.

You must have copyright permission to post the photos. Any photos we determine to be breaching copyright laws will be removed.

When posting an item for sale, you may not post a picture of a similar item, even if you state the item for sale is "similar to to one in the picture". If you do not have a picture of the actual item for sale, please submit your ad with no photo. We do offer photography services if you need quality pictures to complete your ad. A photo of a similar item can be used in wanted ads, however please respect copyright rules.



Free Classified Business Ad Rules


Business may post free classified ads, however the following restrictions apply:

You must follow all the basic Free Classified Ad Rules

Trade Local offers free ads only for residents and businesses in the Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta & British Columbia


You must identify your business by Company name and provide a contact person, email address and a phone number. If you operate your business solely in your own name, use your name as it is identified in our business documents, then add your trade or some other descriptive word that shows you are in business. (i.e. Joe Blow, Carpenter, or Jane Doe, Avon. 

Each Free Ad posted must be for a specific product or service. You cannot post a general ad for your business in the Free Ads, except for "Services" categories

Only 1 item per ad is permitted, some exceptions apply 

Free ads under "Services" categories are limited to 1 per business, per category, and can contain generic information.

You can also find more information in our Free Classifieds for Business FAQ

If you aren't sure if your ad qualifies, you can simply place your ad and, upon review prior to publication, we will contact you if there are any problems. 



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